by The Alzheimers

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Ethan Durham
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Ethan Durham It's got that noise. It's got that spaaaaaace. Two of my favorite things combined into one awesome fuckin thing. b e a utiful Favorite track: Hoops.
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Straight from the bedroom.


released March 21, 2017

Written and performed by: Zac Dehlbom
[Keyboards by Chris Aguayo(AKA WhatChrisDoin)]
Mixed and "Mastered" by: Zac Dehlbom
Album art by: Rachel Beyda



all rights reserved


The Alzheimers Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Bonk
I'm trying not to spin at all
So i'm gonna ride
that carousel straight through that wall

No telling when it's gonna break off
No telling when it's gonna go


Track Name: Brenda
Brenda says it's never gonna change
We're never gonna settle or change our ways
Well put it in a picture frame

That's it
It's over now
pack it up and split the town

No step
Catch your breathe

Don't fret
It's just a test baby

Don't sssweat
That is to say
unless you're thinking you're something special
you're pulling all your weight with your fake, fat chest.

Now that you've got some time and space
I hope that you find what's behind your face

I won't be holding on
to your broken dreams again behbeh

The sound of smoke alarms ring out
But we pull the power out to silence them

Put that fire out
Smoke is getting in my lungs
If that fire is how you live then I think we're done
Track Name: Eanalyza
Remember the times when
we walked between highways
thinking about all the lives going by

All the of the pathways
and all of the crossroads
and all of the times that passed
just to pass time

I slept through the night
I slept through the morning
I never had the energy
I never had a reason to leave
I only ever had you
Sorry that you never really had me

One at a time
you said your lines to me
past lives and dreams
running slowly
and plated with colored leaves

It's all been flipped around
It's on it's head now

Fine line
I always feel like
I don't have any time

Spaced out
for a couple of years now
floating around
never really touching the ground
Track Name: Space Whales
*go for great ninety eight*
*aand this is the place if you're tired of being, uh, bombarded and screamed at by those other.. radio stations.. What other radio stations? huheaheaha W*

Hello Hello

The space in between the space whales
they speak to me
They say "I bear the weight, I part the sea"

Can't you see
I've been to the bottom
Can't you see
I'm falling behind
Can't you see
I'm not planning for tomorrow
Can't you see
that i'm losing time

Track Name: Hoops
"Hello wolfman!?"
"This is Victor"
"How you doin, Victor?"
"Whatchu got onya mind man?"
"Whatav I got on my mind??"

Slow moving he's been using again
It's gone and it's swallowed my friend
Back then before the needles
before the hairpins
when we were just obnoxious kids

It's been four years strong now
never got to play those songs together
I'm writing this one and devoting it to you
My friend, we lost you too soon
Track Name: Interlood
We interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement
A report has just come in that seems to indicate
that the space ships are real!


You look peculiar
You're upside down
No you're the one upside down
No you're upside down
No i'm not
He's the one that's upside down isn't he?
Well let's toss for it
You better come into my frame of reference now

There is endless appeal in nature's ever wonderful moods
delightful moods which often bring thoughts of others far away

uh long distance please

we'll yes ma'am
Track Name: Charming
Stretch your boundries
replace your done inside
trace your outreach for the first time


Memories and melodies
brain has broken everything
oh glory, I can see
the room
Where you made those flowers bloom
They were never better looking then you
..and so you'd assume
they're a plant,
I'm just trying to say something sweet

Stone skip and follow
all of the subtlest noises and wallow
the stars shine and swallow
my senses of depth and existance

It's absurd to think we've got this figured out
alive just to die out
but the stars at night shine big and bright
deep in your eyes

Oh, when we stay awake
just to maintain our oxygen intake
You feel that there's been a mistake
Past the date and
Pathological subconscious
human traits make is this way

we're not all the same
I like it that way
Isolation is not okay
Track Name: Loops
Which one of you isn't stuck in a loop
Have we had this conversation before
I'm not bored
pass out the papers
and examine the troops
we're not profiting enough
if there's no wars
take a walk through the glorious door of abundance
but don't stand unastute
do your best to forget about americas past
and strike an ignorant salute

Lo and behold
it's not a glitz and gold
truths not told
intentions are cold

Which one of you isn't stuck in a loop
Which one of you isn't telling the truth
Which one of us really gives enough
of a shit about which one of us has the rights to live?

It's a free world
but a lot of mistakes
are going unaccounted for
Track Name: Haplsz
Sew your eyes
make you find what you're feeling
straight lines
breaking bends that i've borrowed
no time, but i've got all the time in the world
if I find some peace of mind
I've got to find to pieces of my mind

ooo I'm sorting it out it out it out
ooo Isolations killing me
and i've i'm even real
I have to start to feel again
so let me say once more, my friend

Paranoia thrives on destroying you
before you've even gotten up
Isolation is the only enemy
Track Name: Loser
Oh baby don't date him he's a loser
and you know he don't even care about you anyways
Look him in the eyes and tell him you love him
If he don't know what to say then baby i'm above him
Well i'll shout it from this microphone cuz i'm stoned
I'll give you my backbone
you quit giving him hope

Tell me if you're leaving him and tell me today
Tell that you're not and we'll go our own ways
The past tells the future
Says that you can never change
Well I'll run out and reup
and live another day

But I don't wanna live this way baby I wanna live with you
So choose.. whose gonna be you're fool

Ready to dance?
Listen to me

ow move ya feet

alright i'm done